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October 18, 2007
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UPDATE 2: Now with music! See here: [link] if you want to use the loops for your own purposes.

UPDATE: I figured I would drop this in everyone's inbox again because: a) I fixed the hit detection between bullets and bosses, which was previously nonfunctional, b) I felt like throwing it in everyone's faces again!!

Is finally done! Made for a school project, where we were able to do as we wish, as long as we could justify it.

There are a couple of bugs: the random map generation is slightly volatile, but it spits out something fatal only very rarely (I've not encounter a set of maps that I couldn't finish, so hopefully neither will you), also, particles sometimes disappear prematurely but it's okay, they're still there... just invisible.

Also, the game is pretty big and the difficulty balancing is a little suspect, but I'm sure you can all deal with that!!


- Arrow Keys move.
- Z key attacks, continues texts.
- X key shoots.
- A & S keys switch guns.
- W key toggles sound.
- E key toggles music.
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Hello there. I happened to find this game a month or two ago from

For a school project, this is quite nice :) It's short and sweet, while also being a complete self-contained story. I just noticed the updated version yesterday. The music really does add to the game, althought it could use a couple more tracks. One glitch I did find in the updated version is that the music stops when you receive healing from Granma.
Hey, thanks.. Yeh there certainly are a lot of problems with the game, but there are a few things about I still really like.

Would love to get the chance to go back and re-work this from the beginning, with more of an attention to detail and focus on quality. One day, one day.
Eep! So sorry for the really late reply. :(

Playing it again recently, the only real problem I see is with sometimes the randomizer makes the game unwinnable. I didn't really see many other problems. Of course, the creator always sees the most problems.

How much different do you think the game would be if you do re-work it from the beginning?
HAhahaha love the plot
Stezy07 Feb 13, 2008   Interface Designer
That was brilliant!
kormyen Feb 1, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Wow. So awesome game! :+fav: XD

I love the style - esp the main boss

Only complaints/improvements - map / dead ends
more animations - esp on the main boss - would have loved to see him moving around some more rather than just floating about ^-^ (but still hawesome)

I've died 3 times trying to kill the final boss and I give up. How many times do I have to hit him!? D=

hah, I saw this before,, newgrounds maybe? or here, I dont know.

great stuff you have here. I'll watch you if you dont mind.
Well it was featured on Newgrounds, so not unlikely you've seen it there.

Thanks for the +watch!
you are welcome.

I think it was newgrounds.

luv the new vision! The MIDI music gives a strong RPG feeling to me (eventhough i don't play much RPG games):XD:
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